Monday, September 4, 2017

The hidden treasure

The one important thing in Sunny beach for me and Silla was the beach. Our first impression was very positive, as we were standing from the restaurant looking at the nicest calm view of the surroud mountains after the ocean. Our question is how could we handle the busy sand?

We would do our breakfast at 8.30 am so that we could have tables around the swimming pool available in our hotel. Modest but very nice, the breakfast brings a huge sense of relaxation and it's the best starting point of the day. It's a 5 minutes walking to the beach, and we could already feel the sun burning our skins. We go quite light so that we can enjoy the ocean together without thinkging about our stuff. Towel, sun cream, my mobile, a book and the water camera.

The beach is quite busy but still very easy access. The areas for the shades are quite big and we were quite close to the people renting the jetskis and the inflatables. Still the space available is very nice. We also don't go to the beach to be completely isolated, as all we need is a space to strech our bodys and actually enjoy a bit of how people behave.

The beach is full of Russians, Dutch and German people. I couldn't hear Portuguese anywhere and I understand why. The sun was always beautiful but powerful so we just lived our days in the water. Ocean is a dream. Temperatures of the water was around 25 degrees, so you don't feel a thing when going into the water. I was not expecting waves in the Black Sea but we were lucky enough to get some, so our time in the ocean was very fun. Me and Silla love to go with the waves. A very family oriented atmosphere, but still very quiet, very pleasant. You can see people selling grilled corn, dried fish, icecreams or Berlin Ball. And how I love to have my podcasts available while laying down on the sun...

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