Monday, September 4, 2017

Relax at Erma Spa Turkish Bath

Just got back from a small Paradise in Sunny Beach Bulgaria. Greeted with a nice welcoming smile, me and my girlfriend choose the full service. This would include a nice sauna before the treatment itself. We lay together on a very cleaned stone ( we saw the women doing it) and I could only melt on a skin scrub all over the body, followed by a smooth foam massage. My body went so quiet and I could feel the warm water everywhere. The girls are very professional and both me and my gf were very pleased. She had an experience before in Turkey but was quite impressed of how clean it was. We lay next to the swimming pool, having the best coffee (with the option of a tea) and had a face mask. Oh man... This can really defeat a man, in a good way. The final oil massage was pleasure in raw nature. We found everything very positive and it should really be a main attraction when coming to Sunny Beach!

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