Thursday, September 7, 2017

Grand Central Star Cafe

Staying close to the Grand Central, finding a breakfast is not a hard task, but to find a good, tasty, cheap breakfast is! So, we were quite lucky finding this small, cosy cafe with very good prices and a very nice selection of food. They are always very busy, and you can understand why. I tried the toasts and chocolate muffins (these ones, so juicy inside), and my girlfriend was more into potatoes, eggs, hams and bacon, which was amazing. One thing was the inexperienced person there that didn't know how to prepare my Cappuccino, but she apologised with a smile. So I accepted!;geo=60763&detail=5082137&ff=112606463&albumViewMode=hero&aggregationId=101&albumid=101&baseMediaId=112606463&thumbnailMinWidth=50&cnt=30&offset=-1&filter=7&autoplay=

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