Monday, September 18, 2017

Go deep in Netherlands - Groningen

It's not easy for us to talk about Groningen with a tourist perspective as we live here together for one year. There is a lot of emotion on how we write about this wonderful city. I can base some of my words on the feelings my parents (Portuguese) had when they visit what is considered the North border of Holland. Dutch have a very specific opinion on distance and Groningen is considered very far from Amsterdam, and a world apart. Still we are talking of about 180 km to the capital, which means around 2 hours by car or by train. Considered one of the most important cities of Netherlands, 50 000 of the total of 190 000 population are students. And this fact creates a very important difference.

It's a live city!

As a fan of Back to the Future, I couldn't leave the fact that the centre of Groningen is so close to Hill Valley. There are two main squares, the Fish Markt and the Grote Markt. This two places are the heart of the city, where most of the big events take place. The Fish Markt is where we can visit the biggest market to buy fruits, vegetables, cheese, fish, meat and other special food. You have to visit it while you eat some French Fries with Mayo, try the typical herring, pick pieces of cheeses to try and also their wursts... There is such a big movement of people, colours and smells that you will be overwhelmed by such a landmark. You cannot miss the surroundings with all the shops and, just 2 minutes walking you go the Grote Markt. This is where all main events take place and where you find most people sitting in the terraces. Groningen is different. Due to the amount of students, you will be able to find the terraces full of people most of the time, during day and night.

The Drie Gezusters offer one of the best pubs in Netherlands, and it seems the biggest in Europe! Behind the monumental front of the building, dating from the eighteenth century , one of the oldest houses lies in here. Going inside is one experience you will not forget, specially if you go there on a weekend or when some soccer game is on TV. I still have printed on my mind on my fist impression on how beautiful this place is inside. Today I still have the same feeling. I have had the best beer while listening to someone playing the piano. It's a very young but very peaceful pub where all people want to be.

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