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Vietnam - thru the eyes of European girlfriends

My first Asian experience was a great one! With one of my best friends I’ve been to Vietnam. Such a difference in culture that the first day that I was quite in shock.
You almost think that it’s the last day in your life trying to cross the streets full of scooters. Only in Saigon drives 5 million scooters.  They transport everything with it: chickens, cows, furniture and also their whole family. Vietnamese people work hard even when they are still so poor. They need to live from 150 dollar in the month! Men and women both work so much... Houses don’t have windows. Women admire white skin as unique and beautiful. You see them with socks, gloves and hats when it's 30 degrees.

For tourists, Vietnam is a very cheap place. For dinner you pay around 3 euro. And for less than 20 euro you have a nice hotel room for 2 persons,  You still see and feel the impact of the war in Vietnam. There are a lot of handicapped people. These are people who were born during or short after the war. Their parents came in touch with the poisoned gas the American people put. This war took around 17 years. 3 million people killed. We feel continuously that we are millionaires! 1 euro is 27.000 Dong. We are not the best calculators, but after 16 days we were still confused and did wrong ones. Pho is the most popular food in Vietnam. You can eat it already for breakfast! It’s a nice noodle soup.
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor route vietnam hanoi naar saigon
Our route:
We saw in 16 days the most beautiful places in Vietnam. We started in Hanoi where we slept for 2 nights. Only the first 2 night Hanoi we booked before.


Must see:  
Mausoleum. People are very strict to rules here (no photos, keep walking inside, no naked shoulders, etc). Ho Chi Minh is still very important for Vietnamese people. Inside you see his balsamed body.

Ho Chi Minh Museum.
In this museum you realize the importance of Ho Chi Minh. You see letters, clothes and movies from Ho Chi Minh. Museum is very big but there is no need to take hours of your time there.

Water Puppet theatre.
We’ve been to the theatre you see in the picture. You can easily buy the cheap tickets in the theatre itself. It was very nice and traditional. Its creative and not English but you don’t need to understand it. It’s the experience you have to feel.
Halong Bay.

From Hanoi we spent one day in Halong Bay. A beautiful world wonder and on the Unesco World heritage list. In the ocean you see 1969 calc stone Islands. Many of them has big caves.

From Hanoi we went by a night bus to Hue. It’s a perfect way to travel. We could sleep very good and comfortable and that for around 20 euro’s and 12 hours driving. Hue is the former imperial city of Vietnam. We did the sightseeing with a private taxidriver who took us everywhere and waited for us when we visited the cultural places. It was not expensive at all and a perfect way to see a lot in short time. After one night we left by bus.
Must see:
Citadel. In Hue you need to visit the Citadel. It’s a beautiful historic place. You can walk here for hours. Even with all the wars, a lot remains. Next to that we also visit the purple city, Tombes and a Pagoda.

Hoi An.
Hoi an was for us one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam. This because of thousands of lampions that lightened the city next to the water. We spend there 2 nights. Hoi An is well known because of the amazing tailors they have. What a girl's dream! We could choose the materials, the colors and draw our own ideas. All so exciting but we managed to get some sleep and were a bit nervous for the results. But they didn’t disappointed us at all! For 25 euro I had a perfect fit, high quality dress! We sleep in Greenfield Hotel with a very good service and very kind people. For around 15 euros you have a room for 2 persons. When the weather is nice you can enjoy the small swimming pool.

Must see:
Japanese Bridge. It is called Japanese bridge because of Japanese investors and merchants from the 17th century.

Nha Trang With the night bus we travelled to Nha Trang. Finally we saw some sun and we enjoyed here the amazing beaches in Nha Trang. Also it’s a good decision to change from hostels to hotels so that you can enjoy both advances.

Long Son Pagoda. This is a buddhistic temple. If you climb the stairs to the big Buddha you also have an amazing view about the city.

Mui Neh:
You can stay here for 2 nights. It’s not very big or much to see but the calm atmosphere is something what you can appreciate between the busy places before.

Red and White Dunes. What a amazing nature we found here! After waking up at 4 in the night we saw the sun coming up in the sand dunes! You have white dunes and red ones who are a bit smaller. In the red ones they try to sell you a slide but don’t get too enthusiastic. It’s more amazing to rent a trike to play in the white sand! Don’t worry you get some help when you get stuck, like my friend Nynke.

Fairy Stream. Take out your shoes and do a walk in the water, in the middle of rocks, similar to a small Grand Canyon.

C:\Users\Silla\Pictures\Vietnam december 2015\102NIKON\DSCN4149.JPG

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

In 1976, name of the city was changed from Saigon to Ho Chi minh city. North and south Vietnam came together. We notice that it’s more modern here than in the main capital of Hanoi. Going out here is amazing. In HMC lives 4,5 million people!

War remnants museum. A big impact! Some parts are very shocking and I shouldn’t take my children there. It’s three floors with a lot of imagery, photos and posters from the Vietnam war. Especially the photo’s from people with the results of the chemical attacks impressed us deeply. Outside you have the real militant airplanes they used in the war.

Notre Dame (Nha Tho Duc Ba)

Postoffice. Designed by Gustave Eiffel
C:\Users\Silla\Pictures\Vietnam december 2015\102NIKON\DSCN4196.JPG
Reunification palace. This palace remarks the end of the Vietnam war. It’s the working palace of the president.
C:\Users\Silla\Pictures\Vietnam december 2015\102NIKON\DSCN4182.JPG
Cu Chi tunnels. This tunnels were used by the army of North-Vietnam (the Vietcong), during the Vietnam war. They hide themselves here from the attacks of the Americans. For the opponent the tunnels very confusing. There were a lot of boobytraps and fake tunnels. They made a few of the tunnels more wide so that tourists can go inside. For me it was too scared to go inside because I’m a bit claustrophobic but Nynke is my hero.
C:\Users\Silla\Pictures\Vietnam december 2015\102NIKON\DSCN4235.JPG
After 2 days Ho Chi Minh city. we saw already a lot of the city and we wanted to go to the nature again. By bus we went to the Mekong delta.
Mekong Delta
With a day excursion we made a nice boat trip thru the Mekong Delta. We went to a noodle fabric were Nynke took her job very seriously, making noodles! After hard working we had a nice barbecue dinner with mouse and snake. A very nice experience for Dutch people is, of course, cycling thru the small villages.
C:\Users\Silla\Pictures\Vietnam december 2015\102NIKON\DSCN4328.JPG
C:\Users\Silla\Pictures\Vietnam december 2015\102NIKON\DSCN4278.JPG
C:\Users\Silla\Pictures\Vietnam december 2015\102NIKON\DSCN4342.JPG
C:\Users\Silla\Pictures\Vietnam december 2015\102NIKON\DSCN4295.JPGC:\Users\Silla\Pictures\Vietnam december 2015\102NIKON\DSCN4286.JPG

Floating Market.

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