Monday, September 4, 2017

Meet expectations

Sunny Beach was stamped in our minds as a party place, an alternative for a cheap Ibiza with drinks, all-day party people and dangerous streets. BBC episodes on excessive drinking by British young people on this resort was covered and I guess fear gets bigger every time you talk about it.

Sunny beach is a family place. Kids are everywhere and the atmosphere is so nice. Taking the necessary precautions as you should everywhere, and this resort is amazing for family's.  We did not went later than midnight home because we wanted to enjoy the early morning at the beach, but walking in the centre was always a beautiful experience. Bars, restaurants, ice-cream sellers, bands playing, funfair, local product selling tents... All was beautiful and so summerish. We loved it and we enjoyed walking after dinner or having a drink in a terrace. People calling us to the restaurants were so nice all the time and we found people were not too pushy.  Our hotel was 5 minutes to the beach and around 15 to the centre. Walking there was always a nice experience and we always stop by on the supermarkets to buy our bottle of water.

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