Tuesday, September 5, 2017


You wouldn't think of finding a high class wannabe restaurant in Sunny Beach, but it works! The queues are quite long and we are greeted by 3 people that stand in an entrance with glass walls with water bubbles. As you sit you feel a distance from Sunny Beach. Suddenly there is a wish for luxury. Service was impeccable and I would say the biggest flaw is the extensive menu. Not what you want to have on a classy restaurant. The waiter suggested salmon and white bass and they were quite nice dishes. Still I was expecting more. Quality fish but...you expect to get a more delicate cuisine. Appetisers were the best with a Turkish tradicional cheese pide and obergine with a very nice cheesy and meaty sauce. The desserts are good but don't impress. Overall it was a very nice experience to be sitting in a very nice terrace and having some house music on the background, but food doesn't keep up.


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