Thursday, September 7, 2017

Art Carnivale

I had no expectations about this festival. We spent the day at my girlfriend's parents house having a family lunch and the option was there at the end of the day. Because it was on our way home, I told my girlfriend that I accepted the invitation.

The relaxed atmosphere, the absence of "screens", music and the friendly people with so many kids running around, made this one of my highlights in the Netherlands this Summer!

The location where it takes place is wonderful. It is maybe what I imagine Netherlands could offer. A connection between people and the Nature. And I think that was what happened in Steendam.
This festival started as an expression of art and alternative lifestyle with one very simple goal: feeling good. It is targeted to all ages and all kind of people, but do not expect to find the noise you have on regular events this kind. They call it an artistic family festival!

You have a lot of art, music, theatres, performances and children's activities. A creative market is the path to the beautiful beach park of Schildmeer. The location is truly impressive and if you just want to sit on the grass and look around, well... that experience is worth gold. Try it with someone you love.

It is a meeting place for old and young people that relaxes you and reminds you how nice it is to leave all your worries and your digital screens at home. Still don't forget your camera. Your will find so much happening that you will want to register every single moment.

They call it a cultural and artistic experience - I call it "what I think Holland should represent"

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