Thursday, September 7, 2017

About us

We meet in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in Portugal. Porto is the city where I was born. Silla comes from the Netherlands, a village close to Groningen in the North part of the country. When I meet her I knew something special was going on there. She had the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my life. And I guess she liked me because we couldn't stop touring around the streets of the city, talking to each other, and sharing small things like how Dutch people kiss. Three kisses... One of the cheeks looses. She had to get back to her country, as she was only there for vacations. We shared our phone numbers and since then we couldn't stop sharing our everyday's life. I have just sold my business and was enjoying a little freedom, riding my bike and eating in restaurants, meeting friends. Silla she is a social worker and was most of the time working or eating. Well, we soon found out that we were both crazy about food and nice restaurants. Challenge is trying to not spend so much money doing it. For me it wasn't so hard as in Portugal you can find the most amazing places to eat for cheap. Netherlands, well... that's a different story. I decided to meet her in Amsterdam. For the first time I was going to what I thought was the party centre of the world. We were quite hesitant of course, but we meet and everything was beautiful since then. It was hard the distance in the beginning. You do not realize what is happenning and betting on something so far is always a pain. A daily pain. But we did it and we were texting every single day. We decided to meet in Marocco and we were for the first time spending time together, in one room, with no alchool! Well, it was perfect. I decided to start learning Dutch and trying to work in Netherlands. Not easy, when you try in Groningen. Still I had a couple of friends that "adopt me"in Hilversum and things became more real. I finally managed to find a job in Groningen and well... today my car is still in Portugal and I freeze my face against the wind. It has been one year and the adventure is amazing. We have a lot to tell, many trips to describe and travelling to do in the future!

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