Thursday, September 7, 2017

A dream come true!

When you grow up being a fan of movies, you cant's stop thinking you know and you love cities of the USA. The highlight being New York, I knew for many years, that I had to do this visit with a special person. Me and Silla decided it was time to go. We were both very anxious for the trip and we tried planning it as best as possible. We got a very economic package and we were able to go there for 8 days. Never have I been so excited to travel.

We travelled with KLM and it was quite a pleasant trip. The meals on the plane were quite nice and we were able to watch a few movies to relax and trying no to think about where we were going all the time.

The very first impression, still on the JFK airport is the amount of different people everywhere. The mixture of cultures is really quite impressive. When you go on the bus to the city you start stretching your neck to look for the NYC building on the landscape and... what a feeling.

Coming out from the subway is something you just can't describe. The buildings are huge, the shadows are impressive, you stop losing the notion of day or night and the lights were incredible. We walked until our hotel and we were so mouth open all the time. Walking in NYC is quite easy because as soon as you check the numbers of the streets and start figuring out where is north and south and east and west, things become quite simple. Our walk was amazing but a t the same time so difficult because all you see is so tempting.

Our hotel or hostel was really nothing fancy, but it was quite central, between the United Nations Building and Times Square, quite close to the Grand Central. Place was close to everything, had a gym or a sauna (that we actually used everyday to relax before going out in the evening).

We left our things in the hotel and went imediatly searching for a nice place to eat. Our list was quite extensive and we choose something easy, Shawarma. On the way there we stopped by the Grand Central Station and also Bryant Park!

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